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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Club Coin?

Club Coins are officially club licenced coins produced and distributed by Zenith Coins Ltd. Club Coins have the club crest moulded on the front and a unique aspect of the club on the back. These are designed and intended as a one-off purchase and a coin for life. Each coin measures 44mm x 3mm and weighs approx. 35g. Every Club Coin is individually numbered and comes complete with Certificate of Authenticity rendering each coin unique for each coin owner. Every fan of their club should own their very own Club Coin.

Can I choose a specific number?

Unfortunately not. Due to the volume of coins we have in our warehouse the time and management to search, locate and allocate specific coin numbers would be a mammoth task for our workforce and unfortunately isn’t an option. An option around this could be to post a message on your social media page requesting the certain number you desire and by the powers of networking you could come across the owner of your desired number.

What if my favorite club changes their crest?

If your club updates their club crest this doesn’t mean you need to change your Club Coin. The numbers on the new club crested coins will continue in sequential order from the old crest coins. Owning a coin with the old crest can potentially enhance value of your coin (not guaranteed).

Are your coins legal tender?

No. Official Club Coins are non-diminutive coins designed for collecting only. They have no guaranteed sell on value however certain coin numbers and limited-edition sets can potentially have enhanced value.

Are Zenith Coins cryptocurrency?

No. Official Club Coins are a tangible product designed for personal collection purpose.

What is your return policy?

Yes. Please refer to the returns policy in Store Policies in the menu

Can I track My Order?

Yes. Please contact us via email – and request tracking information. Please note all pre-orders and back-orders tracking info will not be readily available as product won’t be despatched until warehouse arrival.

Can I return my coin if faulty?

Yes. Please refer to the returns policy in Store Polices in the menu

What is your return policy?

Enter your answer here. Be thoughtful, write clearly and concisely, and consider adding written as well as visual examples. Go over what you’ve written to make sure that if it was the first time you were visiting the site, you’d understand your answer.

How many Club Coins are produced?

The number of Official Club Coins produced depends on demand from each clubs fanbase. We anticipate order volume ahead of launch and occasionally launch a pre-order for us to gauge initial production requirement.

Are Club Coins limited-edition?

This depends on the club in question. Official Club Coins for clubs with a vast fanbase will not have a limit on the volume of Official Club Coins produced. These will be made available to third-party retailers, the Zenith Coins Store and the Official Shop for each club. Clubs with a smaller fanbase will generally have a limit on coins produced and will be sold directly from the clubs’ official website.

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