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Zenith Coins are the UK's #1 coin specialists for sport.

Our coins are derived from the military challenge coin. In 1965, during the Vietnam War, Commanding Officers were allocated 50 Challenge coins to be awarded to soldiers who exhibited bravery and courage during challenging times.

During the 1970’s, major U.S. sports organisations such as Nascar, NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB explored an opportunity to commercialise the 'challenge coin' and launch their own organisation branded coins to mark special occasions and events. This offers fans and supporters a unique opportunity to treasure their favourite sporting organisation in a whole new way.


We use traditional methods of production and keep to the size and weight they were first established. Each coin we produce is 44mm x 3mm and made from premium brass. All of our coins have a special coating such as gold, silver or antique bronze.


The challenge coin is a well-known symbol of appreciation and respect amongst major military and service based organisations across the world.


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Andrew REITH
Founder & CEO

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Head of Design

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